Open Enrollment Sessions of the Negotiating Solutions® Workshop

An open enrollment session will be held September 26-30, 2022, at the Granlibakken Conference Center and Lodge in Tahoe City, CA. Tuition is $3800 per participant. The $2000 facility fee is paid directly to the conference center on arrival and includes Sunday night through Thursday night lodging, and Monday morning through Friday noon meals, breaks, gatherings, and taxes.  

Dedicated Sessions of the Negotiating Solutions® Workshop

We are again offering dedicated sessions of the workshop starting second quarter 2022. The facilities we are working with (Granlibakken in California and the Heritage Conference Center in Connecticut) pay meticulous attention to CDC guidelines. 

Minimum tuition for a dedicated program is based on 24 participants and is $84,000 ($3,500 apiece). Tuition for 1-8 additional participants is $2,500 apiece. Tuition for a 32-person program is, therefore, $104,000 or $3,250 apiece. 

For perspective on why this pricing is so reasonable, please look at Why do we price the workshop at 1/2 the cost of other executive level programs?

All sessions are residential.

Other costs include business class travel and living expenses for three trainers (first class in the U.S.), residential facilities costs, materials shipping costs, and any relevant local or country taxes. An additional $3,000 is charged for international programs to absorb the extra complexities of program coordination and delivery. 

Bring a Real Life Counterpart With You

A counterpart is someone you regularly work with from other organizations (e.g. suppliers, customers, regulators, partners, union folks if you're management, management folks if you're union, etc.), or from another function (e.g. supply chain with production control or operations, engineering with line maintenance or base maintenance, etc.).

We'd love for you to discover the far better solutions you can get for your constituents - and they can get for theirs - when you build the working relationships that can deal well with differences and when you learn to create value together.