Why do we price the workshop at 1/2 the cost of other executive level programs?

Minimum tuition for a dedicated program is based on 24 participants and is $84,000 ($3,500 apiece). Tuition for 1-8 additional participants is $2,500 apiece. Tuition for a 32-person program is, therefore, $104,000 or $3,250 apiece. The facility fee at Granlibakken - room and board inclusive - is $1,800. Per person tuition, room and board for a 32-person program: $5,050.

Here's current pricing for several executive level five-day programs. We know ours is significantly better than Harvard's; we suspect it is better than the others as well.

The pricing decision has to do with objectives.

The university programs are meant to be reward-and-recognition for high potential individuals. Frequently, when their graduates go back to their organizations to seek to move them in that direction, they run into what Steve Jobs referred to as a concrete layer of middle managers who are committed to the current culture and don't want to change. (See Wall Street Journal, 8/2/17, page A1, "VW CEO Has Skeptics - His Own Managers." "There are definitely people who are longing for the old top-down leadership," Mr. Muller told an industry gathering in Germany in May, "I don't know if you can imagine how difficult it is to change their mind-set.")

Our pricing goal is for companies to be able to send a critical mass of their people to the workshop, ideally starting with multiple levels of managers, in order to change the culture and significantly impact business effectiveness.

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