What is the Negotiating Solutions® workshop?

Businesses must change how they and their people operate (concepts, assumptions, and behavior), or they'll fail. Business-to-business negotiation – shaping solutions with sources, customers, partners, constituents, and regulatory agencies, as well as within your own organization – also must change. Realists know they need to shift from negotiation as "beat the other guy" toward working together in mixed motive environments to shape agreements beneficial to both. Yet actually changing our behavior is hard, especially if we grew up in the world of competitive negotiation.

The Negotiating Solutions® workshop is an intensive, experiential, residential workshop that helps people and organizations make that change. Participants don't just use the workshop to change their skills and results (though they do). They often redefine their entire approach to communication, trustworthiness, relationship-building, problem-solving, and agreement-shaping. Regardless of their entering skill level, people leave the workshop with a clearer personal model for negotiation appropriate to their own business environment, and with increased confidence, options, and skill. Organizations increasingly run sessions in a "counterpart matching" format. Suppliers, customers, partners, and constituents attend the same session, creating working relationships and common approaches to problem-solving that position them all for joint competitive advantage.

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