Negotiating Solutions: Differences & Takeaways

The Negotiating Solutions® workshop is a major personal growth, business profitability, and culture change program designed specifically for experienced people in organizations undergoing substantial systems change. It differs from "traditional" training in negotiation in basic goals, training process, approach to personal integrity and trustworthiness, and outcomes.

If the goal of traditional training in negotiation is to "win," the goal of Negotiating Solutions® is to craft and implement near-optimal solutions. Training is therefore not in tactics and ploys for beating the other guy. Rather, it is in models, concepts, and actions for achieving doable, durable solutions that satisfy the needs of your internal clients, and that your counterparts will honor because their needs are met as well.

If the purpose of traditional training is to increase the individuals' skill options to incrementally improve their results, the purpose of Negotiating Solutions® is to help people reshape their models, values, and behavior to radically and permanently improve their results.

Personal Takeaways: Graduates take away a clearer personal "action model" for negotiation appropriate to their own business environment. In terms of personal growth, they understand better what makes them as good as they are, how they may be getting in their own way, and where and how to alter assumptions and behavior in order to improve. In terms of performance enhancement, their confidence in negotiation situations increases as they improve their ability to prepare for the negotiation, along with their ability to build and maintain trust, communicate, resolve problems, and realize opportunities inside and outside the organization.

Business Takeaways: As a critical mass of people in your business build these new models and behaviors, the company acquires an internal population with increased commitment to preparation; more systematic and integrated approaches to planning and action; greater flexibility, energy, and drive towards goal; along with increased commitment to achieving satisfaction for their internal customers and to involving their suppliers, partners, and customers as resources to problem resolution.

These all result in people who add value for the constituencies they represent, operating flexibly, creatively, and with integrity in the marketplace and cross-functionally to achieve the organization's short- and long-term objectives. The concepts participants learn can readily be translated into company policy and procedures to maximize the long-term culture-change benefits of the program.

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