What Else...?

Since 1988, our graduates have been at work across our industry. They've shifted from a mindset of “It's us against you” to one of “We're in this together.” They've been crafting near-optimal solutions and creating value with their counterparts in a world that hasn't changed much. They're proving it can be done.

Yet, though their managements and colleagues talk partnerships, alliances, and working together in ways better for both, most of them still believe they're playing a zero-sum game. Believing that, they make it true. In fact, their talk and walk are now so divergent they're undermining the very initiatives they claim they're working to support.

Until now, most of our businesses have managed to muddle through. But we're approaching a juncture. Management teams are concluding they can't achieve their Big Hairy Audacious Goals (thank you, Jim Collins) or their strategic objectives unless they also align their people's behaviors (and their own) with their intentions.

They're coming to realize they don't know how to change deeply engrained behaviors across their organizations. They have learned that managerial pronouncements, mission statements, and trying don't work. And yet they know it must be done.

This is precisely what the Negotiating Solutions® workshop lets people and organizations do. The design works. Our graduates are proving it can be done and leadership teams are recognizing it needs to be done. So we have a “connect the dots” message to get out before we stop. And we need to transfer the workshop design to those who choose to use it to achieve those BHAGs.

In addition to offering occasional open enrollment sessions each year, here's what else we'll be doing going forward:
  1. Talking with management and leadership teams about this disconnect between our objectives and the behaviors we're using to achieve them.

  2. Running dedicated workshops and especially value stream workshops.

  3. Transferring the workshop into organizations to use as a pivotal part of their system-wide change efforts.

  4. Developing a new team of workshop facilitators so the workshop can continue to be offered in both open enrollment and dedicated program formats.

Our overarching strategic objective has always been to help this industry we love, so whatever we do will be of the highest quality and very affordable. Please let us know how we can be of most help to you. And thank you.

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